Business Process Outsourcing in the Field of Information Technology

There are outsourcing companies that specialize in providing BPO consultations and services. These companies will complete and deliver the work within the estimated time frame and costs. For the IT sector they will plan, design, implement, operate and optimize services across all elements of the IT infrastructure lifecycle.In recent years business process outsourcing (BPO) has become very popular especially in the field of Information Technology. Business process outsourcing is when a company contracts out a portion of its operation to a third party. Much of the business process outsourcing that goes on in the United States also involves offshoring, which is hiring a third-party based in another country. We have all called for customer service of a United States based company only to be helped by someone with a foreign accent. Chances are that person is indeed in another country and works for the third party service provider. Companies engage in business-process outsourcing mainly to save money. In a corporation, the main responsibility is to the shareholders. They must see a return on their investment. By employing people in a developing country, the company adds to the bottom line because they don’t pay employees nearly as much overseas as they would pay in the United States.Companies also engage in BPO so that they are able to concentrate more on the core strengths of the business instead of being tied up in administrative tasks. They are able to improve and grow much faster if they are able to concentrate on what keeps them in business in the first place.In the world of Information Technology (IT), the one thing that is usually outsourced is telephone technical support. IBM, Apple, Xerox and many other influential IT companies offshore some of their processes and have remained growing and successful businesses. IT companies often outsource services such as providing replacement parts and repair.If your company has been considering business process outsourcing, you are probably wondering where to start. There are outsourcing companies that specialize in providing BPO consultations and services. They document your company’s work process, estimate the time frame and costs involved and they complete and deliver the work. For the IT sector these companies will plan, design, implement, operate and optimize-services across all elements of the IT Infrastructure-Lifecycle. This includes service delivery structure design, data centre design, rollout-planning process design, implementation and rollout as well as day-to-day operations across the entire-range of Infrastructure-elements such as storage, databases, network devices, web services, mainframes, servers, infrastructure applications, process and tools, end user devices, security devices and applications.Of course there is always a security concern when handing over your company’s confidential documents and data to a third party. Also important information can be difficult to access if it is housed in a different country. This is why there must also be a Business-Continuity-Management model set up to identify and control business-processes that are or can be-outsourced. The largest business process outsourcing companies are located in India, which has approximately 63% of the offshore market for BPO. There are, however, companies in the United States, Great Britain, South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe that also provide these services. The Association-of Southeast-Asian Nation (ASEAN) countries, along with China and India will likely see-services like BPO figure even more strongly-in their economies in years to come.

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