Sexual Health Problems Among Middle-Aged Women

Do you know women?Before you venture an answer which could put you in hot waters, get a lesson from Frank Sinatra about women. He said:”I’m supposed to have a Ph/D on the subject of women. But the truth is I’ve flunked more often than not. I’m very fond of women; I admire them. But, like all men, I don’t understand them.”Women are difficult creatures to understand. They can be nothing and everything at the same time; compassionate and fierce, tough and tender, beautiful and ugly. I guess God made them that way to make life interesting; to keep men second guessing them.Not that they are really that impossible to know or understand. It’s just that men look at the world from their own eyes. Seldom, if ever, is the woman’s side given much weight in the affair of a man’s life – except in his extra marital affairs.A good example is the Viagra. When it hit the market, it created a frenzy among men. It was like the Holy Grail for those who have been wallowing in self-doubt or frenzy from the most common sexual problem among men – erectile dysfunction.But was there a when a similar drug for women was introduced into the market? Not that women are free from sexual health issues. In fact, due to the different anatomy, women have more of them than men. The world, men’s world, just didn’t care.Anyway, for those who are so indifferent or ignorant about their wives or partners, here are the most common sexual health problems they face. Being equipped with such knowledge, I hope that you will be more circumspect when your blue pill didn’t seem to have a reciprocal effect from them.Inhibited sexual desire:
This is plain lack of sexual desire or interest in sex which could be attributed to hormonal changes, especially during their menopausal period, medical conditions like cancer, depression, pregnancy, stress, fatigue, boredom with regular sexual routines and lifestyle factors like career and the care of children.Arousal problems:
This is manifested by the lack or insufficiency of vaginal lubrication during sexual activity, thought to be due to anxiety or inadequate stimulation or blood flow problems to the vagina and clitoris.Orgasm problems (anorgasmia):
This is plain lack of sexual climax usually caused by sexual inhibition, inexperience, lack of sexual knowledge and psychological factors like guilt, anxiety or trauma over past sexual experience or abuse. Other factors could be medication side-effects and chronic diseases.Painful intercourse:
This could be due to endometriosis (a gynecological disorder among 5 – 10% of women in their reproductive years), ovarian cyst, vaginitis (any infection or inflammation of the vagina), poor lubrication, scar tissues from surgery, or sexually transmitted diseases. Vaginismus, is a painful condition that happens due to the involuntary spasm of the muscles surrounding the vaginal entrance. This happens among women who have a psychological fear of the pain of penetration, sex phobia and traumatic experience from painful sex.It is impossible to tell how many soured relationships and broken marriages have resulted from these sexual problems, especially among those in the middle-age range.Lawyers call it “irreconcilable psychological differences.” You may call it any way you like. It doesn’t change the fact that these are very real and if your wife or partner is affected by any or some of these, you are in real big trouble.If she means that much to you, consult your doctor first before running to your lawyer. I am sure it is less expensive in the long run – money wise or otherwise.I am sure, too, that he will prescribe something for her as well, to make your relationship, not just your orgasm, more lasting, meaningful and satisfying.

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