The Taos, NM Real Estate Market – Unique As a Resort Community

Taos real estate, homes and land, has enjoyed steady appreciation over the last 15 years, without the ups and downs of many markets nationally. As a ski resort community, Taos draws winter visitors who return every year for the fine skiing. Many decide to purchase Taos real estate in the form of a condominium or single family home. There is also a lively land sale market, with construction of new homes always busy.Whether a home, vacant land or a condominium, there are some special characteristics of the Taos real estate market of which buyers should be aware. Issues of access, road easements, septic systems, and stringent subdivision regulations all play a part in buying Taos real estate. Even more so than in more urban markets, buying Taos real estate will go a lot better if you look for help from a professional Taos real estate broker. And all brokers are not created equal.As a Taos real estate broker for the past eight years, and a Texas real estate broker prior, I have been in the business for quite a while. But time in business should not be an important selection criteria when looking for a Taos real estate broker. Experience in Taos in particular is important, but it’s more a dedication to gaining the expertise and knowledge in subjects such as water rights, septic system regulations, easements and title issues. They are complex and important issues, and a buyer doesn’t want surprises after they’ve purchased their dream home or land parcel.The permits required and the process for drilling wells for residential water have also become more stringent for Taos real estate. While other brokers are taking classes on building their client base, I’m busy learning more about all these issues. In fact, my other career is as a freelance writer. One assignment was to write an article for a major online magazine about New Mexico water rights.I am the only Taos real estate broker currently carrying the Quality Service Certified designation, and the only Taos real estate broker with the ACRE, Accredited Consultant in Real Estate designation. I offer real estate services a-la-carte and on a fee for service basis, as well as the traditional commission at closing business model. I am also the Real Estate Business Guide writer for the New York Times website at, and blog extensively on Taos real estate topics at Gallery Realty of Taos.

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